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Holiday to Devon!

Hey all!

How have you all been, I have been great!. As you can tell by the title of this post I have been to Devon. Myself, my partner and best friend had a weeks break at the haven site Sandy Bay/Devon Cliffs! It was Beautiful!. We were there from Monday 5th June till Monday 12th June. It was a well deserved rest/break from work.

It was around a 4-5 hour drive down there, maybe a bit longer because for some reason we just kept getting stuck in stand still traffic, I think in total going there we hit stand still traffic 4 times. It was at a standstill for about 15-30 mins each time. That was fun!. We arrived about 12:30pm, but check in wasn't until 2pm, but luckily we were able to check in early so that was a bonus. We unpacked had a chill I had a nap since the lads were able to nap in the car. We had a walk around to get our bearings and see what was what, and to do the essential shop.

Throughout the week we had 2 beach days (mainly because it was rain and wind for the rest of it…

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