Day Trip To Blackpool

Hey All!

So on Friday I had a day trip to Blackpool for one of my best friends birthdays! The day started with a 2 hour drive to Blackpool. Then after having a jaw dropping moment at the price of parking we got on with our adventures!

We headed down to the beach to take in the scenic view.

It was a beautiful warm day. We headed down to chill with the under water life at Blackpool's sea life adventure! We had the behind the scenes tour where we got to see how they look after new borns and help the different type of sea life mate, give birth or even recover from illnesses. Here a few of my favourite pictures of the under water life.

We then headed to go and hang out with some well known faces! From sports personalities to the Royals to Music royals!                  

After having a fun filled day of sight seeing and watching all the under water life and then hanging out with some celebs, it was time to head home. The weather unfortunately turned a bit  chilly and everything was closing so it made sense to head for the car. However instead of going straight back home we had a little de tour to the Trafford centre. I was so skint from the day in Blackpool that I couldn't buy anything. Claim to fame here though I did see Jack P Shepherd who plays David Platt in coronation street. I know right how cool! (Not really I know) He was going up the escalator so I couldn't get the conventional selfie with a celeb. Gutted. If you ever do get the chance to visit the Trafford Centre do it but make sure you have plenty of cash because it is a shopaholics heaven!

So this was a short and sweet update on our day trip!

Until Next Time! X