Hello 2017!

Hey All,

So 2016 has left us! And I'm 3 months late to the 2017 party. I've just had no inspiration to write which confusingly made me want to write about having writers block. Inception right there for you.

So what has been going on, I got settled in my new job, I've found a new love for photography (it helps when your partner is a keen photographer) We've been having some lovely day trips out and learning all the lingo and the proper terms for everything. I've been putting my not so good skills to the test. If you're interested I have a Cannon G7X camera, it is now my baby, I'm finding new settings and things it can do on a daily basis. I think all of my previous photos on this blog have all been taken with that camera if I'm not mistaken.

I've been feeling a bit meh about not knowing what to write, and I think because I have been getting frustrated about not having a creative outlet its been a spiral of emotions, so I thought why not write about not being able to write. It's been a mixture of wanting to produce something good but feeling like every idea I had was crap. Or not having the energy to do it. So that leads us to here. Another thing that has helped is being on Social Media more, (Links on the side).  I just learnt to post when I want too otherwise the content is going to be naff.

So what can you possibly expect in 2017, I have a holiday to Devon booked which I am sooo excited for! Keep an eye out on instagram and twitter for that. I'm also going to see Micky Flannagan in May, and more than likely will have more adventures set up. So far up to now I have been to see the Kaiser Chiefs again! What a performance the lads were amazing! Here is a few pictures from the night.

If you get the chance to go and see them do it! They put on an amazing show, you will be absolutely cream crackered when you're finished. It is soooo worth it though!
Here's a shout out to my other half, the pain in the backside, he's just started his own blog so go and show some love, but make sure you come back here! jacrispyzanelli@blogspot.com

Until Next Time X