Eurgh LIFE!

Hey All,

Warning this post is a ranty, feeling sorry for myself post. You have been warned.

Ever get those moments/days/weeks/months where nothing seems to be going right? Well that has been me this month. Particularly with my car. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. In my last post I told you about my wheel, well that arrived and it is now fixed on my car. But now I need my tracking doing. So my plan was to take it to the garage and get that sorted this weekend. But noooo, because my battery on my car has decided to kaput. This week I have had to be jump started 5 times! So today I've had to pay for a new battery luckily I have a really great boyfriend and Dad who have fitted it for me and now it works. I now just need to get a new tyre and tracking done but on the alloy and battery alone I've spent a lot! Also my MOT is due next month so its just several things one after the other. But also it is Easter bank holiday, Which means everywhere is pretty much closed or closes at dinner time. I can't get quotes or book my car in, so yeah I'm feeling sorry for myself.

It's just that thing about worrying about money because everything costs of course, and that thing that you get one problem sorted, then another comes along. You think you have everything planned everything sorted and something comes along and poo's on your plans. Especially when it's another 2 weeks till pay day. And you've even maxed out on your savings because shit has really hit the fan. I wouldn't usually be this bothered but we have got a few holidays planned where I will be driving and I could really do without the inconvenience. But hey ho it's life and there is nothing much I can do about it except moan which I have done via this. It just really makes you feel like shit and dampens your mood, and that is me.

There is just one thing to do when you have moments like this and that is to sit and binge on youtube/netflix/sports and drink coffee and have a biscuit. It has been a great start to the weekend so it can only get better right??

Until Next Time X