Summer is here, Or is it?

Hey All,

How is everyone doing? I am doing good thanks for asking!.. I know you didn't but I wanted to join in. So here in beautiful South Yorkshire, Sheffield to be precise, It was bloody sunny on Saturday and Sunday!. We were so lucky to have two days on the trot with GAWJUS weather, to the point where I actually got burnt. ( I know silly of me) but I shall get to that eventually.

I'll start with Thursday (as it was my day off) so it started with having a look for birthday presents for family, which was kinda successful as we got ideas as to what we wanted to get. Then we decided it was about time I got my wheel fixed for my car. So a bit of background I went over a brick to avoid crashing which ended up denting my alloy. So I have had a spare wheel on while I have been searching for an alloy. I had been looking online and they were retailing at around £80-£100 second hand. So we spent time phoning different car scrap yards and no luck. Matt found a wheel place that had a go at hammering the alloy back to normal. I took the alloy to where I get my MOT done to have a second opinion to see if it would pass and unfortunately it wouldn't, so I had to resort to buying one online. That has now arrived so I just need to get that on my car. In the afternoon we just chilled out had a nice relaxing evening.

Saturday was the start of the amazing weather and when its nice weather here in the UK it means one thing booze and BBQ's. So of course I had to enjoy some G&T's in the nice weather. (Drink responsibly guys) It was perfect weather for my partner to clean my car! He's a good un! But I stupidly cleaned the inside with the ignition on, which of course killed my battery, a trip to a car shop for some jump leads was needed. We got that back up and going. We got our friend Aron round and we had a nice chilled night out drinks and takeaways!

Sunday we got up and it was another gorgeous day, we was just going to hang out but it was too much of a good day to waste. We went out to a nature reserve, took a picnic and it was so nice and such a perfect Sunday walk. From here we of course had the same idea as everyone else to go to a supermarket and get ice creams! It was then garden chills and great tunes eating ice creams. It was here when it started getting cooler we went inside and I realised I had burnt my arms, chest and the top of my back. I forget how much I actually burn even in Britain! I didn't take many pictures even though it was perfect for it. It was nice to just be in the moment.

Here is hoping to just the same next weekend when its the easter bank holiday! bring on the days off work and hopefully pictures. On the topic of pictures check out my Instagram its on the side of this blog! Self promo in there act cool!

Until Next Time X