Holiday to Devon!

Hey all!

How have you all been, I have been great!. As you can tell by the title of this post I have been to Devon. Myself, my partner and best friend had a weeks break at the haven site Sandy Bay/Devon Cliffs! It was Beautiful!. We were there from Monday 5th June till Monday 12th June. It was a well deserved rest/break from work.

It was around a 4-5 hour drive down there, maybe a bit longer because for some reason we just kept getting stuck in stand still traffic, I think in total going there we hit stand still traffic 4 times. It was at a standstill for about 15-30 mins each time. That was fun!. We arrived about 12:30pm, but check in wasn't until 2pm, but luckily we were able to check in early so that was a bonus. We unpacked had a chill I had a nap since the lads were able to nap in the car. We had a walk around to get our bearings and see what was what, and to do the essential shop.

Throughout the week we had 2 beach days (mainly because it was rain and wind for the rest of it), one day in Exmouth and one day in Exeter. And who knows how many hours spent in the onsite arcade. I am an arcade addict once I'm set on something or worked hard to win something that's it it doesn't matter how much it costs I will get that keyring out of the 2p machine!. Which I know  I probably could get for like a £1 in the shop, but where is the fun in that.

The day in Exmouth was nice, it was your typical small town centre, couple of main stream shops, few quirky boutique shops and then the pound shop and a market. We didn't really get much apart from some dish cloths and a post card to send to my little sister. Exeter was a lot bigger, but still small compared to my home city. We had a more successful day there, apart from me. The lads got what they wanted or saw and wanted to get. All I wanted was a nice pair of going out flat shoes, because the ones I took with me cut my feet and gave me blisters, which isn't good. But unfortunately I didn't find any that I liked. But it was a really nice day strolling around the town centre, and seeing all the history next to the brand new things.

We also did part of the coastline walk, which was steep but had amazing views. There was potential to see seals and dolphins but I don't think the weather was right or it wasn't the right time of year for them to come that close to the shore. Here are some pictures I took for you to enjoy, they include Exeter, the beach and the costal walk.

I forgot to mention the beach side bar/restaurant which overlooked the beach and sea and if it was a warmer day it would be perfect for drinks by the sea! the last 3 pictures were taken on one of the platforms overlooking the beach. We also saw a great moonrise which I tried to capture but my camera doesn't have enough quality to capture it!. I hope you enjoyed this little holiday update and I shall be back soon! 

Until Next Time X